Welcome to The O Guide!

How did I get here? Some times you look back on your life and you are like…what the hell happened and how on Earth did I end up in this position!? There are good things, bad things, great realtionships and oh the really bad ones. You might even have some of the best sex in your life! Well you will get to know me, my adventures, my journey to becoming a sex therapist /educator and of couse I’m going to share with you everything I’m learning, have learned and of course as many tips, tricks and goodies that I can share with you!

So about me you say? I’m Angela, don’t call me Angie, you’ll get an earfull! I’ve been living in Chicago for about 10 years, have tried to leave the city three times and have never once been successful I just love it here too much. I have two  bachelors degrees and two sweet little pups who I can’t get enough of! I am SINGLE! And totally ok with that! I have had a few serious relationships both of which ended on not so much the best terms and have of course like many women my age dated around but have yet to meet that one guy who is going to sweep me off my feet.

Ya ya ya get to the good stuff right! I popped my cherry at 18 and lost my virginity to  my first everything: first boyfriend, first kiss and first love. I was painfully shy when I was a teen, could barely speak to friends let alone a boy. We were together for nearly 3 and a half years and after getting cheated on I finally had enough, it was a bad, rollercoaster of a relationship which ended badly. Surprisingly enough we are actually on speaking terms now. The one thing about being 18, in college with a boyfriend who is older than you and just learning about your own sexuality is you tend to be so much more free! You explore and try new things. My goal in my next partner is to find someone who can bring out that great side to a relationship! Adventure is fun!

My next boyfriend I was with for almost 4 years, dumped him for cheating too…hmm notice a trend?? That desire to be withsome who inspired the adventurous side of me was lost on this one. Most definitely a stick in the mud and to be quite truthful…boring, in all ways. Even when I started selling sex toys as a part time job!!!

Oh yes…I sell sex toys. I consider myself to be a womens sexual health educator, in a non-licensed sense (hence why I’m going back to school to get my Masters/License). I work as a consultant for a toy party company.  Yes, that means I host sex toy parties! They are super fun and I love that part of my life, so much so that I’ve determined to make it my future. Part of my job is to teach women, at any age, all about empowering yourself in the bedroom! How to make you feel sexy, confident and to be able to communicate with your partner about what you want and how you want it! Of course we sell the toys, lotions and lubricants but to me the most important and most rewarding thing (besides the many orgasms of course!!!) is when I have women come to me after a party and thank me for teaching them something about themselves that they didn’t know or helping to save their relationship with their partner! I love it when ladies tell me that they can’t wait to get home and get their partner excited about using the items they bought! Sharing your excitement with your partner makes everything better!

Now you know a little bit about me! Can’t wait to share, learn and get you all ready for some amazing sex!




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