Use it or Lose it!

So I’ve attended quite a few seminars for my company where we’ve gotten to take lectures from leading sex experts from all over the US. Its my favorite part of these seminars, listening to the “sexperts” they’re doing what I want to do, teach people how great sex is and that we shouldn’t be ashamed to absolutely love it! But also what you should tell your kids, your partner and also yourself about your sexuality and sexual health.

In our most recent conference we had a guest lecture by Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, she’s a Psychiatrist and expert in sexual dysfunction and improving the sex lives of individuals and couples. I was lucky enough to attend a couple of her presentations but found her presentation about Sex throughout our life-cycle the most interesting course I’ve taken in the five years that I’ve worked as a consultant!  You can visit Dr. Castellanos’ website at

So what fascinating things did I learn from Dr. Castellanos!?

Well….tons! But the biggest thing I took away from her course was that as women need to use it or lose it. But what does that mean to you and me!?

As we (women) age of course our bodies evolve and change. Part of those changes is losing the vibrancy of the tissues of the vaginal walls. As young women those tissues are plump and voluptuous but as we age they lose that plumpness. But you can definitely help maintain that youthful tissue of the vaginal walls! Don’t worry we want to keep those tissues ready for tons of fun action at any age! And its great to start now!

What do you do!?

First, have sex!!! Stimulating the tissues keeps the blood flowing and rejuvenating the sex organs. Maintaining a healthy stimulating sex life will maintain healthy tissues as you age!

Single? or maybe your partner doesn’t have as much interest as you in keeping up your plump vaginal walls?! Not to worry, one of the things Dr. Castellanos told us is that there are many times that she will recommend to women to use a vaginal vibrator for just 10 minutes a day to keep those tissues itching for more and nice and youthful!

Use Lube when you are having sex or using a toy, preferably a water-based, ph balanced lubricant.  Lubricant does so much more for you than just providing that extra ease during sex. A good lubricant will act as a lotion for the vaginal walls. So lube up your vagina like you lotion your hands ladies! Your sex life will love it later and in the moment!

Keeping your vagina healthy and happy now will help keep it happy and healthy later too!


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