Heeeey Sex-ay Lad-ay!

Yes, Gangnam style is totally cheesy. But what can I say!? It has a ring to it! And who doesn’t want to be a sexy lady (or guy)!?

In my last post, I mentioned foreplay. WHICH IS HUGE, and could be one of the most important things you do! Not only should it be fun, erotic and arousing, foreplay really does serve a few purposes for both you and your partner!

Now for the most part, we ladies know how important foreplay is! Gets us in the mood, helps us self lubricate and definitely can enhance our relationship with our partner. Men sometimes…completely clueless.

But foreplay starts soooo much sooner than when your about to hop in the sack!

You know when you wake up in the morning and you can just tell its going to be a great day? Or you’ve got a super hot date that night that your totally excited about. Your foreplay starts first thing when you wake up! You know its going to be a sexy day!

When I know I’m going to have one of those days, the first thing I do is shave my legs. And you know thats special when its 10 degrees in Chicago!

I usually have it all planned out, I shave, I exfoliate, I put on a little extra makeup, pick out a great outfit (even if I know I’m going to change into my “date outfit” later), matching underwear, spritz on my favorite perfume, put on my roll-on pheromones (Oh they certainly do work! and you can buy them HERE!) and put my high heels on (I actually can’t put on my high heels for now, since I sprained my ankle back in October…but I definitely want to!) All that prep makes me feel great about myself and I know my boyfriend will appreciate it!

Feeling confident and sexy is definitely the first step to great foreplay later! What do you do to make yourself feel sexy?

Stay tuned for a weekly feature on fun Foreplay Ideas!

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