Turn up the Heat! Its FREEZING outside!

I don’t know where you are reading from today but here in Chicago we have record low temperatures! It feels like -38 degrees out right now! Even though I braved the freezing cold ( I seriously looked like a homicidal eskimo) to go to work, many are staying in today to avoid the possibility of instant frostbite or hypothermia. Smart thinkers those people…smart thinkers.

So if you’re like one of those smarty pants what kind of fun things can you do today in the warmth of your comfy bed? Well plenty of things of course! In honor of staying warm…Here are some fun things to try that will HEAT things up in the bedroom…literally.

  • Ever tried Warming Lubricants? There are TONS of options on the market. Some warm up and stay warm, others warm up when you blow on them, some warm up with friction. Warming lubes are fun to try and perfect for a chilly day like today! If you’ve never tried one before, try to get a sample first before you go and spend $20 on a warming lubricant. Some people are sensitive to these particular types of lubricants (I put myself in that very sensitive category). If you are working with an Independent Toy Party rep, they should definitely have a sample of this type of lubricant and most toy stores should as well.
  • Hot Stone Massage! Who says you can’t have one at home and save yourself the $60 at the massage parlor! Try a warming disk like this one HERE and some great scented massage oil or cream. You can also opt for a warming massage oil or a massage oil candle that melts when you burn the wick!
  • Goin solo? Want to change it up from your normal bedroom routine! Relocate yourself to the tub and turn up the steam! Incorporate some toys into the tub (be sure to check if they’re waterproof!) You can also get vibrating loufas and sponges as well! Always make sure to not submerge your toys for too long in the tub and use a lube! Silicone lubricants are great for water play, just be careful when using with them with toys!

Did You K now? Silicone breaks down silicone, so if you’re using a silicone toy be sure to use a toy friendly lubricant! Like This One Here! Using the proper types of lubricants with your toys is essential to ensuring that they last awhile! 


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