It goes Buzzzzzzz in the night! (And whenever you want it!)

Vibrators. Our clitoris’ best friend. Our G-Spot tickler. Our Vaginal Victors. Our Orgasm Machines. So many wonderful things a vibrator can do for you. Primarily giving you that Ooooh so satisfying orgasm.

There’s a beauty behind what a vibrator is and does. Not all vibrators look like a neon pink penis. There are some very nice high end toys on the market that match quality and design. They’re taking it up a notch nowadays! Look at Beyonce and Jay-Z they dropped a pretty penny on some luxury toys in New York! But vibrators aren’t just for your clitoral pleasure (well they are but they do some other pretty awesome stuff for you too!)

Here’s a few little tantilizing bits of information about the goodies you keep stashed in your nightstand drawer.

55% of women between the ages of 18 and 60 have used a vibrator.

45% of men have used a vibrator. And 1 out of 6 men who have used a vibrator….have used it alone!

It is incredibly common for men and women to use their partner, roommate or family member’s vibrator.

You should ALWAYS clean your toy BEFORE and AFTER use! If the fact above doesn’t make you want to do that…well I don’t know what would!

Vibrator use is linked to POSITIVE sexual function. And here’s what that means:

  • Using a vibrator can increase your desire
  • They make it easier to orgasm! Now like with anything moderation is key.
  • Vibrators can help you to get aroused more quickly!
  • They can also decrease pain. (If you are having vaginal pain with intercourse or masturbation, seek help from your doctor to rule out any medical conditions)
  • C-Rings can  help men maintain muscle mass and sexual functionality as they get older

70% of people are open to using a toy in the bedroom if only their partner suggested it! 71.2% of Men would be open to using toys in the bedroom!

The market for vibrators is incredible. They range from your basic vibrator to ones that vibrate to the beat of your music. You can toss them in your purse or store them in a super luxurious chargin box like these here: The MUA Box. There are so many options so be sure to really research what toys are out there! And most importantly know what kind of orgasm you typically have! That will be a later post…did you know there are 6 different kinds?


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