Taboo Thursdays!

I don’t want to fill my blog with a bunch of different weekly series but I do want to dedicated a 2nd day out of the week to those topics…you know…the ones no one wants to talk about. Plus it really gives me an opportunity to get creative each week and have something specific to talk about.

So I hearby claim Thursdays as Taboo Thursdays!

So for the honorary first Taboo Thursday we are going to have a little chat about that sex that no one ever wants to admit that they’ve had or that they want to try it or they actually don’t want to bring it up at all…



You know you’ve always been a little bit curious. Or maybe you’ve tried it, maybe you love it!

Anal sex is all a matter of preference. And you should never be doing it if it makes you uncomfortable or if it causes you too much pain. No matter how much your significant other wants to do it.

Here are some quick facts and tips about Anal:

  • In the 90’s 20-25% of women had owned up to trying Anal Sex.
  • Most recently that number doubled to 40-45%!
  • You should ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS use a non-waterbased lubricant.
  • You should always use a condom as well to prevent STD’s and infection.
  • Good communication, trust and knowing your limits is essential to having comfortable and fun anal sex.
  • Come up with a safe word to tell your partner when you’ve had enough.
  • Always keep your anal toys separate from your other toys and NEVER interchange them. It can lead to infections!
  • Clean your toys well before and after.
  • Start out small! Fingers, small butt plugs or beads are a good way to start before you move on up to larger toys or an actual penis.
  • Never go from vaginal intercourse to anal or visa-versa. If you do, switch to a new condom or wash up first.

Got more questions on today’s Taboo Topic? Or have a suggestion?

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