Foreplay Friday!

It’s Friiiiiidddaaaayyyyy! And you know what that means! A fun filled weekend! Well here in Chicago we’ve survived the beginning of the week where we were hit with the Polar Vortex, dangerously cold temps on top of a ton of snow. Luckily for most people here the midwest was closed! No for real, Indiana was closed.

But we’ve shoveled and shivered our way out and rolled right into the sweet balmy temps of 32 degrees! Woo! Heat Wave! But I want to be sure to help you heat up your weekend even more…with some hot Foreplay! Last friday we talked about a little game of hide…and lick, definitely a fun way to kick of the weekend!

Massage is an EXCELLENT way to get things going in the bedroom. And you can’t tell me you’ll fall asleep with this kind of massage…

What you’ll need:

  • A good massage oil or cream (I prefer creams only because they’re more like a lotion, plus they can often come in fun, lickable flavors)
  • A Small hand held bullet or vibrator (This is always optional but I personally think its a great little surprise when you’re least expecting it!)
  • A massage mitt with lots of fun little nubbies.

Get your partner all ready for a hot massage, because this is no one-sided, one-person massage and it definitely has a special ending!

With your arsenal in hand, literally start working your way from their head to their fingertips, all up and down their back, legs and of course their behind. Now pay extra attention to the insides of their thighs because thats bound to get them wound up! But be sure to get close but not all the way that is for later!

Once you’ve done a nice once over of their backside, time to flip over! Do all the same techniques on the front side but be sure to get nice a close to his most likely eager to play package but not close enough to touch. And just when he thinks you’re about to give in! Take off your mitt, hand him the vibe and Let him know its HIS turn to play!

Couples massages are an excellent way to get closer, get aroused and to relax. Massages don’t need to be done with just your hands, adding toys or massage items like mitts, gloves, hot pads or oils and creams can enhance your massage but also ease up on how much work you’re putting into that massage! Check out this BOOK for some more tips and tricks to creating a sensual, erotic massage.

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