A Little More info on Tuesday’s Post…

So this week the topic that I posted about on Tuesday was brought up again through friends. There was some debate on the issue so I decided to revisit it a little more in depth to ensure I had as much accurate information as possible.  As I’ve stated before, I’ve taken a lot of different seminars from health practioners in the field of sexual health. The information does OFTEN change. New things are discovered other things are discredited. Alot of my source information is from those seminars, often because they come directly from the scientists who are conducting the studies or the doctors who are participating in particular research programs or through their own studies/practices, but even those may not be the most up to date information. In the five years that I’ve been attending trainings, the G-spot has gone from an actual spot the size of an almond, to something that one doctor claimed to have found what it exactly looks like, then being MAJORLY discredited, to what I have learned most recently (back in August) that its more of an area on the vaginal wall, not a dot or an almond you can push for an instant orgasm.

If I’m wrong about something or if you have a good reliable source for information definitely pass it along! Finding correct, current information is not always the easiest. I try not to use too much information from the internet unless its something from a published medical journal or through an institution. And if I do get information from one of those sources, I will always, especially from here on out, provide a direct link to the source it was obtained from. If I dont, call me on it! And I will be happy to find the source information and fix it. If you find an awesome source definitely send it my way! This is my passion and I love to read the most recent sexual health news!

Now on to the topic at hand…after my winded disclaimer….

Female ejaculation.

As I stated before, it is still a HIGHLY debated topic. The research on it is still very limited. And porn portrays it as this trick you can learn. I still believe its not something you can learn to do. Some others believe you can.

From the small amount of research I’ve conducted I’ve only really been able to find one source of information that I feel sites good information and refers back the studies conducted. However these studies were done as far back as 1993 and go until 2000.  According to Michael Castleman through his blog post with Psychology Today (which was posted earlier this month) There is some more research that has been done on female ejaculation and where it comes from. The surveys and research were conducted in Slovakia by a Milan Zavaicic, the primary researcher.

According to Castleman’s article, in the 1880’s an Alexander Skene discovered some small glands surrounding the urethra, which in turn are called the Skene Glands. These are Para-urethral glands, they are embedded AROUND the opening of the  Urethra (The Urethra is where urine exits the bladder, incase you weren’t familiar with the term). These glands produce a similar fluid to the prostate gland that men have, hence why these researchers believe they can be considered the Female Prostate.  The research Zavaicic and his team conducted they were able to come to the conclusion that the Skene glands produce the same antigen that the male prostate gland produces. The enzymes characteristics are also similar, tumors that develop on the Skene Glands are similar and when cancer is found on these glands, just as with prostate cancer in men, the PSA (prostate-specific antigen) levels rise.

Ok Angela, so all these things point to women having a prostate gland, what the hell does that have to do with female ejaculation!?  Well like I mentioned, the Skene Glands produce a fluid. The cells are considered “secretory”, which means that they produce a liquid! All the research and study of the liquid itself leads to the conclusion that the female ejaculate is the fluid from the Skene Glands or the Female Prostate.

Now there have been a bunch of surveys that have been conducted (I’m working on finding the direct source material for those surveys) asking women about their own ejaculation. Unfortunately these surveys can’t be very reliable, they just arent sophisticated enough to collect the most accurate data because its a matter of what each women feels or even thinks she feels. Because each woman’s Skene Glands produce a different amount of liquid, some produce a lot others only a drop or two. Stimulating those glands may cause you to have an ejaculation, but its not guaranteed or you may not even notice it! According the those many surveys, and depending on which one you look at, only 10-50% of women are able to ejaculate. Why all women are not able to is still unknown. And until the surveys become more sophisticated and are able to provide more accurate data its really hard to say just how many women are actually able to do so.

I FIRMLY stand behind my previous statement that you shouldn’t be trying to force yourself to ejaculate. Your allowing yourself to focus on something that you might not be able to do or if you can it might not be what you expect. You should be focusing on your pleasure! Whether you can “squirt” or not doesn’t change the pleasure you’ll get from your orgasm.  Focus on knowing what turns you on, what positions, motions, angles and techniques help you to reach an orgasm. Focus on enjoying it!  If you ask me, having an amazing orgasm is way better than being able to produce a fluid on demand.


Here is a link to the article from Michael Castleman on Psychology Today, he lists his references to Zavaicic’s studies: Female Ejaculation What’s Known and Unknown


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