Foreplay Fridays!

I really do look forward to Friday’s posts….not only because that means it Friday and the weekend is upon us but I really am super enthusiastic about Foreplay!!!

Foreplay can really encompass so much.  By definition it states that foreplay is sexual stimulation of one’s partner that generally preludes sexual intercourse.  But really foreplay is whatever you want it to be, whatever gets you all worked up for the main event!

Bondage has always been a popular method to spice things up in the bedroom, but until recently its popularity sky rocketed due to little series of books called Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James.  Now Fifty Shades of Grey is not everyone’s cup of tea, which is totally ok! I will be sure to dedicate an entire post on why I think Fifty Shades of Grey and its popularity is so important.

But on to the Bondage!!! Done safely, bondage is a fun and suprising way to up the ante in the bedroom and add a little bit of thrill and maybe some mystery to  your foreplay!

If you have never experimented with foreplay be sure to do a little research! Think about what you think would be exciting and what you would feel comfortable with. There are plenty of “vanilla” items you can try out to get you started.

Try some blindfolds, some silk restraints or maybe some playful handcuffs!

Establish a safe word, especially when using any kind of restraints. You want to be able to communicate effectively with your partner if you are no longer comfortable.

So now you’re armed with your blindfold, your silk restraints…now what! Play!  Tie your partner down and blindfold them! Or have them do the same to you! Let your imagination run wild and shower them with kisses, licks and nibbles everywhere you can. Your senses will be heightened when your blindfold and its sure to make your whole body tingle. The idea of not knowing whats coming next is exciting! So have fun with it and make it exciting for both yourself and your partner!!


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