What is a hero?

I recently started volunteering for a few organizations in order to gain valuable experience in the mental and sexual health field but also  to make an impact on the community around me. The two organizations that I’ve signed up to volunteer for are two distinctly different groups, the Center on Halsted in Chicago which a LGBTQ community center which offers a ton of different services for the LGBTQ community. The Center requires their volunteers to attend an orientation to have a better understanding of the services they provide but also to be sensitive to the community itself. I’ve always been a strong gay rights activist and have always thought I was understanding of the struggles that the incredibly brave people in the LGBTQ community battled. But after attending the orientation I took away a great thing. At the end of our training we had touched note on heroism, partially because of MLK day but also because many of those who volunteer at the Center don’t know exactly how important they are the community.

Even just a smile can change the day of someone.  A word of encouragement. A compliment. No matter how small you action could be, you don’t know the impact it has on someone around you. That person could be having a terrible day, could be struggling through life or fighting a battle that they hide. We don’t know what others struggles are, so who knows what light a smile can bring!

I encourage you to smile, think of how you can change someone’s day and especially to volunteer. Even just for a day it can make a world of difference!!! And being able to change someone’s life, someone’s day or someone’s mood in a positive way….that is a hero.


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