Valentine’s Day is 23 days away…

So its a little pre-mature to be talking about Valentine’s Day…buuuttttt you can never be too prepared to make your Valentines Day extra special! So I’ll be giving you some great gift ideas, romantic date ideas, some fun little tricks and tips for in the bedroom. But because I’m a nerd and I want to teach ya’ll something besides just how to enhance your sex life, I’m going to write a little bit about the history of Valentine’s day!

I’ve never done any research on the actual subject of Valentine’s day and have only heard the old ” Valentine’s Day  Massacre” story. But in general I’ve always disregarded Valentine’s day, not because I didn’t like it but for the most part my ex boyfriends didn’t have much interest or had to work. This year won’t be too much different since my boyfriend is 6000 miles away but it doesn’t mean I can’t help you to make yours special!

Who is this Valentine dude that we spend a whole day celebrating Love for? 


There are multiple theories about who Saint Valentine’s was (Considering there were 3 Saints recognized with the name Valentine by the Catholic Church). But they all have some sort of love theme to them.

One story is that St. Valentine was a priest during the 3rd Century in Rome, the Emperor had deceided that single men made better soldiers than men with wives and children and therefore banned marriage. Valentine secretly married lovers but was caught and ordered to death.

Another story is that Valentine was helping Christians escape from the harsh Roman prisons.

And another says that Valentine fell in love with a Jailor’s daughter and sent her a love note before he was sentenced to death reading; “from your Valentine”

So why spend a whole day celebrating one guy from 3rd Century Rome!?


Well first the day is to commemorate the death and buriel of Saint Valentine by the Christian church. But like with any Christian holiday at the time it often incorporates the normal Pagean practices and celebrations that occurred at the time. During this time, there was a festival called Lupercalia, which was a fertility celebration. Women would be slapped with the hides of goats to increase their fertility. Later in the celebrations young women would place their name in an urn and the young men would draw a name, they wold be matched and often times married .

Even after the Pagean celebration was banned by the church for being un-Christian, the day was still associated with love. It was often recognized as the first day of the mating season for birds.

Its not just a Hallmark Greeting Card holiday!


The oldest known Valentine’s note was a poem written in 1415. (which can be viewed at the British Library in London) Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries lovers all over the world exchanged love notes and small tokens. But it was in the 19th century that printed cards began to replace the handwritten notes.  So Hallmark definitely did not create the holiday since it has been celebrated for hundreds of years! 

Want the article I found all this interesting info from? Click here!

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