Traveling with your Sex Toys…

So as I’m preping for my trip, it occurred to me that many may have questions on traveling with their sex toys and other essentials they may be bringing along for their vacation! Although I’m only taking a quick trip to Miami to visit my sister, I wont be bringing along any vibrating friends. But there are some important things to keep in mind if you are bringing along a toy or a lube or cream!

  • Take your batteries out! You should be storing your toy without the batteries anyway! (Why spend $100+ on a fabulous toy only to have the batteries leak battery acid all over and ruin your toy!) This will also avoid any potential scrutiny by TSA agents.
  • Store your toy in a separate bag or case (not an entire suitcase, but a cute little storage bag works well) This keeps it clean and discreet in your luggage.
  • Only take it in your carry-on if absolutely necessary. Unless you’ve got an overnight layover and you absolutely need to have it with you to pass the time. Keep your toys in your checked bag.
  • Be prepared to get asked questions. You may have the batteries out, stored it nicely and they still may ask you questions. If you’re bringing a toy along on  your trip be ready to explain. And don’t let the agents harrass you. A woman back in 2002 sued Delta for Emotional Distress after the agents embarrassed her publicly when she flew with her toy. The Story Here.
  • The 3oz rule applies to lubes and creams too. So be sure to check your items and make sure that they meet that 3oz rule and stored in a 1 qt ziplock bag if you plan on carrying it in your carry-on. If your not carrying it in your carry on be sure that they are stored well in ziplock baggies to avoid leakage in your luggage. (trust me…if you’re bringin a silicone lubricant…you WANT to keep it bagged, if that baby leaks…your shit outta luck and something is going to be ruined)
  • A lot of companies offer lubricants and creams in convienent TSA approved sizes. If you can’t find what you need make your own! You can buy 1oz containers and transfer a little bit of your favorite lube into that for your travels. A little goes a long way! So do your research!
  • Make sure you clean your toys after you land. Especially if you plan on using them. The TSA will go through checked luggage and you don’t know who touched what. So be sure to clean up (with a TOY cleaner…Do you wash your hair with dishsoap!?) before you use it.

Just remember to be prepared for questions, take your batteries out and if you can avoid packing your toys in your carry-on. Your trip through the airport will be much easier!

For more info on what you can and can’t bring on the plane visit the TSA’s website here.

Safe Travels!!!

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