Who Needs a Sex Therapist!?

Ahhh well I was a little slacking this weekend…I was in Miami with my sister and her hubby soakin up some sun before returning to the frozen tundra that is Chicago right now! I’m definitely looking forward to spring and the warm sunshine that comes along with it!

As I’ve posted before, I’ve been planning on starting graduate school to get my masters in Marriage and Family Therapy so I can pursue certification with the America Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapists and start my work as a Sex Therapist.

Great news!! I was accepted! Now my situation is a little complicated. In general I wanted to obtain my masters in Human Sexuality and focus primarily on Sex Education, however there are only a few programs in the USA that offer it and only a few more that are offered internationally. After much consideration, deliberation and contemplation, I decided that a masters in therapy would be more beneficial because I would then be able to pursue that field as well. I also knew that I needed a program that offered their program primarily online and also was accredited. I searched and searched and searched…but I found Capella University, which was accredited, helped you obtain your license in the state you resided it and also required an internship and clinical hours in order to graduate (incredibly important to me to gain hands on experience). Typically I would have opted for a local school (UIC or even go back to Columbia) but because there’s the possibility that I’ll be relocating to Argentina this summer, I needed to have a program I could do online and in English. So now my journey through graduate school and the path to becoming a sex therapist!

Why go to a Sex Therapist?

Going to a Sex Therapist is normal. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has trouble with sex at some point in their life. And it can be a great help to your relationship and your sex life to visit with a Sex Therapist. Its nothing to be embarrassed about either, you aren’t alone. And most likely your partner has some concerns of their own, and by talking about it in a safe environment may help bring out some great communication!

A Sex Therapist isn’t going to judge you. They’ve heard it all. They’re not going to judge you based on your sex life, their purpose is to help you work through what your troubles are! Not all medical professionals are comfortable talking about sex or sexual problems, they may not have the training that a certified Sex Therapist has had. Certified sex therapists are required to meet certain qualifications, training requirements and specific education in order to be certified. They’re training to be able to speak about sex comfortably.

They can provide valuable information.  Because a Sex Therapist has had training in dealing with sexual issues specifically there is a lot of information that they can provide you beyond what your regular doctor can provide you. As I’ve said before, a lot of sexual issues (low desire, pain during intercourse) are stemmed from an emotional issue or hangup. Not all are, and you should still consult with your doctor to ensure its not a medical problem, but many times it can be.

You don’t have to be married or in a relationship to go. Sex therapy isn’t just for married folks or people in relationships. If your single you can go too! Tackling any sexual issues you have while your single could help for future relationships! Its definitely worth it to talk to someone no matter what your status is if you have concerns about something.

Why be a sex therapist?

I can’t say as to why others want to be but I know why I do. Sex is an incredibly important part of any relationship, we often times place it on the back burner and let other things take priority! I’ve spent the last five years learning and helping others make sex a priority, not as a full time career, but have become incredibly passionate about it. Being a sex therapist will allow me to help others who may have lost hope, desire or passion for sex! Knowledge is power, if I can provide even one person with information they maybe didn’t know before and it helps them for the future, my job is a success.

To find a certified sex therapist in your area visit AASECT.org


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