Only 17 more days till Valentine’s Day!

Most people tend to make a reservation at a nice restaurant, get dressed up and have great sex at the end of the night. But really…you could do that any old weekend. So I compiled a little list of some creative and 17 alternative ideas for your Valentine’s Day! (Thank goodness its on a Friday this year…you can sleep off the hangover in the morning)

1. Check out a show! Skip dinner and catch a show. Watch a concert, the ballet or a theater production!

2. Be a tourist in your own town or in a big city near you! Here in Chicago we have Navy Pier, the museums, aquarium, skating in the park. See what your town has to offer! Wander around, take the touristy pictures and have fun exploring!

3. Take a class! Cooking Classes, Dance Classes. Check out Dabble, people can offer up a ton of different class on anything! From graphic design, to swing dancing to yoga!

4. Double Date! Get another couple together and go do something together! This could be a great way to cut costs too if you’re worried about spending too much!

5. Try a restaurant with food you’ve never tried before! Never eaten Ethiopian food? Never had Korean cuisine? Never tried Serbian food? Check out something you’ve never tried before and share the experience together!

6. Go for a Valentine’s day Pub Crawl! Get all decked out in your cheesiest Cherub costume and roam the bars together! Great thing is you can make out all you want all night!

7. Go on a Scavenger Hunt! Scavenger Hunts like those are offered on Saturdays but are a fun alternative to a dinner date!

8. Check out an Art Exhibit or Gallery. A lot of Galleries feature erotic art around this time of year, perfect for getting inspired for a sexy evening ahead.

9. Movie Date! Don’t go to the movies often? Snuggle up in the back row and watch a flick.

10. Have a staycation! Rent a hotel room and order room service, hop in the Jacuzzi and have a romantic evening in a local hotel!

11. Hit up a Casino! Casinos may offer a special Valentine’s themed buffet and who knows! If you’re lucky in love you might be lucky and win some money!

12. Dinner theater! Check out a murder mystery dinner show! They’re fun and you get dinner and a show! They’re often interactive which adds to the fun!

13. Visit a Sex Toy Shop or chat with a Sex Toy Party Consultant together! Going together may make it a little easier to explore what you might like to add to the bedroom. If you’re not comfortable in public then find a local consultant, they are typically better trained and educated than sex toy shop workers and will be able to give you MUCH better advice.

14. Stay home! Make a romantic dinner at home together; with the whole works, candles, wine and a seductive dessert! Include some foods that are aphrodisiacs to help get you in the mood! Don’t skip on the sexy lingerie or outfit, who says you cant get dressed up for a dinner at home!

15. Take a hot bubble bath…together! Fill up the tub with some steamy water, bubbles and sprinkle some candles, mood music and maybe toss in a waterproof toy to enjoy together in the tub! Don’t forget some waterproof lube (silicone lubricant works well)!

16. Get a couples massage or have a couples spa day! Get pampered together, you can bond over some relaxing massages, facials and pampering. You’ll be feeling extra sexy for a romp in the sack later!

17. Plan a Weekend Getaway! Since Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year, get outta town for the weekend and hit up a cute romantic B & B or travel to a warmer location for some sun and romance on the beach!

More fun Valentine’s Ideas will be coming  your way!!!


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