What kind of toy should you buy?

You’re thinking about buying a toy to add a little spice to your sex life, or just looking for something new to try or maybe you’ve never bought a toy before! Toys on today’s market are super advanced, do all kinds of things and have tons of new features! They range in price, in function and in the types of orgasms they could give you!

Now at some point in time I’m going to start doing some toy reviews. I’m holding off for now because I want to be sure to have a wide variety to give you access to and not have a biased opinion to one particular brand. So be patient! They toy reviews are coming!

Todays post will be a little more general in regards to toys. What kinds of toys are on the market, what they do and how they can help you to achieve an orgasm! And for you toy newbies out there a good place to start before dropping a pretty penny on the big boys!

There are a bunch of different types of toys but I’m going to go over a few categories to help you get to where your going!

Clitoral Vibrators AKA Bullets. 

To be used on the exterior of the genital region specifically for the clitoris. However you can use them externally anywhere (think nipples, massage etc). Unless the bullet you purchase states that it’s for insertion you shouldn’t be inserting bullets. Things can come loose and being safe should be a top priority. If you want something that you can insert…choose a different option.

Bullets are often sold with couples toys, in massage items or alone. They can be wireless, with wires, come in pairs (One for you…one for your partner 🙂 🙂 ) they can have sleeves, come in different textures; rubber, metal, silicone coating. They can be waterproof and often have multiple speeds! Some bullets can even hook up to your computer or your iPod and buzz to the beat of your music! Often bullets are the shape of a small egg or look like…well…a bullet.

Bullets and clitoral vibrators are an excellent starting place for a beginner. They are generally not as intimidating and most women tend to orgasm when the clitoris is stimulated. Plus they are great for use as a couple or alone. The options are endless!

Vaginal Vibrators 

As the title states, vaginal vibrators are well…for the vagina. Now these are for insertion and are great for women who can have a vaginal orgasm. Did you know that a vaginal orgasm typically occurs in the first two to three inches of the vaginal wall?  Often vaginal vibrators are made of a hard plastic, a silicone and are very simply designed, sometimes with waves or ripples and sometimes with nubbies or texture to increase stimulation. Vaginal vibrators are also a good starter toy if you’ve never experimented with toys before. Because they are generally small, simple and can often feature multiple speeds and vibrations. Plus they can be used externally as well. Vaginal vibrators are also fairly discreet and can be slipped easily in a drawer.


Not all women seek out vibration to achieve their orgasms. And opt for a more realistic looking option. Dildos are generally made of a silicon or rubber and typically hold the shape of a penis with or without the testicles. However, dildos can also be made of Pyrex glass! The glass dildos are often very pretty and are shaped with bulbs, nubbies, ribs and texture to increase stimulation. Glass dildos also can be easily cleaned (you can even throw them in the dishwasher if you feel so inclined)  Some dildos both glass and made of other materials give you an option to insert a bullet to add some vibration if you chose.  Dildos come in a range of sizes so be sure to go with something your comfortable with!

G-Spot Vibrators

Ahhh the beloved G-Spot. Often an intense orgasm if you have had the pleasure! G-Spot vibrators are angled perfectly to reach that sweet spot and can give a little or a lot of stimulation depending on what you need! G-spot vibrators range in size, speeds, materials and options! Most are on the smaller side and can often come with clitoral stimulation as well. Some have bullets in the tip of the vibrator to hit the G-Spot directly with vibration and others have it in the base. It all depends on how intense you’d like it! From my experience most G-Spot vibrators are waterproof  and offer quite a few different speeds.

Dual-Action Vibrators

DA Vibrators are great for someone who wants a little bit of everything. A little G-Spot, a little clitoral, a little vaginal, lots of speeds/variations, variety of sizes and maybe even a little thrusting action! Whether your experience or not using toys DA vibrators offer an immense variety.  Sometimes DA Vibes can be a little intimidating to new toy users because they tend to be a little larger, but don’t fret! Smaller options are always available! DA vibrators typically feature a clitoral bullet, sometimes rotating beads or ball bearings near the top for vaginal and g-spot stimulation. Others may offer an additional bullet on the shaft of the toy for vaginal or g-spot stimulation. The speeds and rotations can vary as well as the charging method. Some you plug into the wall, others opt for batteries and best yet…some are rechargeable and require no batteries at all (my favorite! Nothing is worse than having to hunt down batteries for your favorite toy only to find dead ones…) They also come in a variety of textures. Some wiggle, some thrust others are bendable and lots rotate!  The options are endless!

Anal Toys

Butt plugs and Anal beads are the most common types of anal toys. And are unisex so both men and women can use them. Butt plugs typically feature a handle that spreads out so the toy is not retracted into the anus. Some butt plugs vibrate and others are made of silicone, rubber or plastic and offer no vibration, just a stimulating shape. Anal beads come in a variety of options, ranging from big beads to little beads, all one size or alternating sizes. Some are on a flexible string others are set along a stiffer plastic rod. Like with Anal sex, lubricant should always be used and safety precautions always taken (using safe words, proper cleaning of toys etc) It’s always good to note to keep your anal toys separate from any toys  that are inserted into the vagina. If you plan on using a regular vibrator for anal, I always recommend keeping that separate as well, just to be careful.

There are tons of other toy options, oral stimulations, mens toys, bondage items, vaginal health items. The list goes on. This is just a basic summary of the most common and most popular types of toys!

Got questions about what kind of toy is right for you? Visit my contact me page and send me a message! Or post below!

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