Foreplay Fridays!

Ahhhhhh….the best day of the week! Who doesn’t love Friday!

Today’s Foreplay Friday is a little game I found that I think is not only a great idea to spice things up but also open some doors for communication!

Its called Three Things! 

You and your partner write three things on separate pieces of paper with your initials on them of things that you’d like to try in bed!  (Now you can establish some ground rules too especially if there are things that are 100% not going to happen)

Agree before hand that whats on the slips of paper you will be willing to try or at least talk about trying!

Toss them together and mix them up and take turns drawing a slip of paper.

After you’ve read them aloud go ahead and choose one to try and make plans to try the others!

Games like these encourage communication with your partner and allow you to vocalize your desires!


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