Dating Disasters….oh man.

Awhile back I mentioned how I had been on some pretty disasterous dates in the past. I love reading date disaster stories…and those dates that are so awesome you can’t even believe they happened (my best friend has some pretty amazing date stories)

What better way to share those fun or funny stories than through The O Guide!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have some guest bloggers on my blog! So if you’ve got a dating disaster or success story shoot me an email on the contact page and we can get you set up for a guest post!

But on to my little story…

So last year (actually I believe it was around this time) I had joined up on the dating site Plenty of Fish. A girlfriend of mine had some amazing results from it (she met her fiance!) So I figured why the hell not give it a go. I had previously only used because I figured if the dudes are willing to pay for the account they’re at least a little bit more serious right!? But I gave POF a shot (which in the end was where I met my boyfriend through!)

I had chatted with a few guys and decided to go out with this one guy. We had great online conversation, good texting back and forth and he was decent looking in his pictures. We decided to grab drinks at a local bar near me.  It was one of those cases where he definitely looked better in his pictures than in real life. But you know I can deal with that, they grow on you, my ex did.

We ordered beers and chatted, but about halfway through our beer I knew that it was definitely not going to happen. He was awkward, shy, dull and I led the entire conversation.  I can also deal with shy…but this was beyond. It was so awkward I was uncomfortable. But being nice, we finished our beers and I passed on another one. Doesn’t seem like a disaster of a date other than the awkwardness right? Oh it gets better…

I had parked a few blocks away and we were walking in the same direction. Thinking oh thats nice he’s going to walk me to my car. We got about half way and he goes…Oh I’m parked down that street over there. I’m fully capable of walking to my car by myself so I don’t mind at all. But then the real awkwardness began. We did our nice to meet yous and have a good night. As I’m ready to escape to my car, he had one last question for me.

“So I have a question. Was there a spark?”

Thank goodness it was dark out and he couldn’t see my face turn 50 shades of red. To leave an already awkward date and be put on the spot about something that was what I though pretty obvious, was the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been! I was at a loss for words. All I could think of to do was bury my face in my scarf and give a weak little no and a shake of my head.  He proceeded to stare at me, making it more uncomfortable and we went our separate ways, thank goodness. The absolute second I was out of ear shot I called my friend to relay my disasterous date ending because I was still in shock that it just happened!

I’ve been on awkward dates before where it wasn’t going to go anywhere. Where I didn’t feel it, he didn’t feel it. But I’ve never been asked before if the chemistry was there. I admit it took some guts for him to ask but at the same time I think if you had to ask then its not there.

Needless to say, he did not hear from me again and I didn’t hear from him. Which was ok by me!

Got any good dating stories? Send them my way! 


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