9 Days till Valentines Day you Say!?

So the countdown to Valentine’s Day is down to the single digits. What on earth else could we talk about in regards to Valentine’s Day!?

Who doesn’t love a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ as a special treat for a special day? I know I wouldn’t complain! However, I don’t want to go into a big long list of gift ideas because the list really would be endless. So here are a few tips to getting your honey a great gift!

Think of something unconventional! Does your honey have a fun hobby that might be the least romantic hobby ever…like fly-fishing or insert other random hobby here: ______.  Try to get a little gift that focuses on their hobby! Maybe its a special part they need or a little extra something to add to their collection.  If you’re thinking about what they like to do (even if you aren’t the biggest fan, it’ll mean a lot)

Get something customized. Everything is customizable these days; cell phone covers, tote bags, wallets, watches. Everything can be engraved, embroidered or customized to your liking. Whether it be with a special phrase, an inside joke, your names or photos a customized gift is a great option!

Get all dolled up! Nothing says Valentine’s day like some sexy lingerie. Put your sexiest lingerie on and surprise your partner with some candles and champagne…Sounds like a gift you’ll both enjoy!

Professional Photos. For those who are looking to spend a little more and have something that will last a while, schedule a boudoir shoot. They’re incredibly popular and not only will make your partner all riled up with you looking hot, but you’ll feel confident too!

Most of all tell your partner how much you care. Gifts are great but expressing how you feel can be the best gift of all! Write it, shout it, sing it, do whatever gets your words across how much you care about your valentine!




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