Give your sex life a little Luxury!

There is nothing quite like pampering yourself with some straight up luxury. In any aspect of your life, its sometimes worth it to drop a little extra cash on something lux!

I am the QUEEN of cheap. I can’t remember the last time I bought clothes or shoes for full price (Unless from a place like Forever 21 or Target, but Target doesn’t count…because that place is like crack anyways…) But over the last year I’ve steered well away from buying cheap products for full price and opted for buying high quality products from stores like Nordstrom’s Rack, TJMaxx or Marshalls. One day I got nearly $800 worth of clothes and shoes for only $90!!!

But every once and awhile I’ll splurge on something and drop a pretty penny (usually on a purse or shoes) Because when you wear something extra nice well it instantly makes you feel great!

Sex toys, lingerie and pretty much all things sex come in a wide range of prices and quality. But you just can’t go wrong with splurging on a fantastic sex toy. 

In walks in AHANoir. A sister site to a luxury shopping site that offers super high quality, often one of a kind items ranging from bath products, furniture and jewelry to children’s products and art. The site also features the designers of the products giving shoppers a little back story on the designer, their process and their passion for creating!  prior to launching their sister site often featured luxury sex toys from companies like LELO and OhMiBod and found that they were often their fastest selling items. It was only natural for the company to create an exclusive site featuring their luxury sex toys and other products.

So besides sex toys what else can you get on AHAnoir?

How about a $1350 pair of knickers!

Or this 24k Gold Inez Luxury Vibrator with a price tag of $15,000.

Interested in Bondage, there’s plenty to choose from like these Leather Handcuffs.

From candles, lubricant, bondage, lingerie and sex furniture to art and couture latex clothing, AHAnoir has a little bit of everything from kink to solo sex. And not everything comes with a $15000 price tag either! #AHANoir #AHAlife - Logo - black_120x60


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