Foreplay Fridays!!!

My posts seem to be getting later and later in the day! I guess its a good thing, means I’m keeping busy at work! Either way TGIF! TGIF = Foreplay Fridays!!

Get your tongues a waggin’ this one is a wet one!

Oral sex is an excellent way to start your sack session off right! A little tongue action down below for the ladies and the gents can get you right up to the brink and get you all primed!

Not everyone is a fan of giving oral which is A-Ok! I’m not the biggest fan but there are definitely some things on the market that help make it a little easier to enjoy!

If you have a sensative gag reflex try an oral relaxing gel like this one here. A common misconception about the oral relaxing gels is that they numb your throat, its just not true (now there may be some out there that do, but from my experience most don’t actually numb) what they do is help to relax the muscles in the throat and the gag reflex so you’re not choking up a storm when you’ve got a little something extra in your mouth.

If a sensative gag reflex doesn’t bother you but its the taste (I’m a taste person) a flavored lubricant is definitely the way to go. They come in all kinds of flavors, styles (i.e Cream, warming, water-based) I’d say find a flavor you like and go for it! The flavored lubricants are great for girls and guys so it doesn’t matter who’s giving to who!

If you’re inexperienced in giving oral, just ask your partner what they like or check out some good books that give some instructions on how to give great oral!


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