Yet another Dating Disaster….

I’m so glad I’m able to look back at some of the terrible dating experiences I’ve had and have a good laugh. Because really what can you do but laugh and in the end all the frogs I kissed (and definitely did not kiss) led me straight to my boyfriend. And he’s definitely my prince and he’s definitely worth kissing 😉 😉

frog, frog prince

So when I started working in this industry I knew it was going to get some bizarre attention from people.  In general I got a ton of great support! My mom helped me to buy my demo kit and my sister is always helping me (visit her website Heather Hannay) with graphics and designing flyers and posters and my other sister has had a ton of parties! My dad has helped me lug my boxes of dildos from apartment to apartment and my friends have always been willing to pass my name along and share my business with their circles.

Its when it comes to strangers and potential suitors is when it gets a little strange. I’m not one to toot my own horn but I look pretty young. Most people think I’m anywhere from 20-24, which is great! But sometimes it puts doubt in my customer’s eyes as to how knowledgeable I am. #1 question I get from party-goers? Are you even old enough to sell this stuff?  A lot of customers think I’m just too innocent to know about such things and way to young to know anything about sex! Then they hear my actual age and then their attitude changes, which is great too. I want my customers to trust my knowledge and know that I’m not inexperienced.

When I first started I was not single, and did not have a very supportive boyfriend (it took over a year for us to try some of the products I sell). So once I ditched him explaining my business, my passion and my career goals to a new guy was well…interesting.


When I first joined, I was a full disclosure. This industry, this career is really becoming a part of me. Its something I get so excited about (literally and emotionally HAHA) that its hard to ignore such a huge aspect of my life.  So I put it all out there, didn’t get into super specifics but briefly talked about what I do. Of course I got the weirdos. I expected that. For the most part people were curious and pretty cool with it.

To my real story (lots of exposition)! I had been exchanging emails and eventually texts with one guy. Seemed nice, we had great conversation. We decided to grab a beer at one of the bars in Old Town (one of my other favorite neighborhoods in Chicago). Things were great! He was funny, we had lots to talk about. He was super interested in my career (which I was glad for because he wasn’t just asking the perv questions, but genuine questions about running a business and what not). After a few beers we decided to take a walk up and down the block and check out some other places. He was really excited to take me to this one shop that was open late. Not thinking anything of it I went along with it. And when we got there it was not just any shop.  Oh yes. It was a sex toy shop.

Now I understand. I sell sex toys. I talk about sex every day. I want to make educating people about sex my career. I want to help people understand and get through their sexual problems or insecurities.

I should be totally cool with it. And I went along with it. It didn’t make me uncomfortable to be in a sex toy shop with a stranger or to talk about it.


It was definitely not a 1st date activity. Asking me about my business, how I got started and what my career goals are is fine, which is exactly how the conversation started. But once we got in the shop the conversation changed to a product lesson…which is not what I want to go on a date for.  After we left the shop I was definitely put off.  I didn’t go on a date to give a guy a lesson on how to use sex toys. I went on a date to get to know the guy.

And when I tell people this story. I get the typical, “well you shouldn’t talk about your business then! That wouldn’t have happened.” And I totally understand that, I agree to an extent. my business, the education that I’ve gotten, am pursuing and want to share is tremendously important to me. And to ignore that is just as if to ignore the fact that I have two dogs.  I never ever go on a date and start telling a guy about all the products I sell or what I like, I always talk about my dreams to start a non-profit that educates girls globally on safe sex and sexual empowerment. Toys and the fun sex stuff…well that comes for a date further down the road.

Even though the date started great and ended a little bizzare, my girlfriends I had a pretty good laugh about it in the end. I learned definitely less info is more and from that point on I kept my business talk to a very minimum and tried not to bring it up at all unless asked.

My lesson for the guys out there….Don’t take a girl to a sex toy shop on the first date…even if she sells sex toys.

Next week I’m having Youngloveorlack share one of her dating disaster stories! Check out her blog! She’s also hosting a Anti-Valentine’s day giveaway this week!!! 


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