Valentine’s Day for Singles!


I’ve been blasting you all with all the lovey dovey Valentine’s day crap for the last two weeks or so. Lingerie, date ideas, gift ideas all the stuff that people secretly get excited about but claim to despise. But I left one VERY VERY important category out! All the singles out there!  For the last 3 years I’ve been single. And even before that getting my ex to celebrate valentine’s day was only going to happen unless we went where he wanted and we got something for free…super romantic. Even though I’m not single this year, I’ll still be celebrating alone.

So instead of drowning your sorrows in the midst of ooey gooey coupledom and the sickly sweet lovey dovey-ness that will be all around you. Celebrate your singledom! Have some fun with your self! Your girlfriends! Do something unconventional. Don’t wallow in being alone, being single is fun! And even if you can’t be with your love (like me) having a good time with friends is a great alternative to keeping your mind off being separated!

  • Host a Galentine’s Day party! Get your girls together and celebrate the love you have for your friends! PopSugar has some super cute ideas for a Galentine’s Day Party
  • Jump on a Anti-Valentine’s Day pub crawl or go to an Anti Valentine’s Day party at a fun bar! Since Valentine’s day falls on a weekend this year bars are taking full advantage of the holiday and hosting tons of parties just for you! Howl At The Moon (which is located in a bunch of major cities across the country) is hosting a Love Sux party complete with dueling pianos, themed drink specials and an anti-love playlist! Bring in a mutilated picture of your ex for free entry too!
  • Nothing like a good movie marathon. Rent a bunch of movies and stay inside where its warm and crack open a bottle of wine and watch some good flicks while you relax!
  • On that same note, fill up the tub, light some candles and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath! 
  • Treat yourself to the spa or to some fun shopping.  Get yourself a mani/pedi, massage or facial. Feeling sexy and great doesn’t mean it has to be for anyone other than yourself!
  • Grab dinner with friends. Hit up a BYOB or host a dinner party with friends. Valentine’s is a great excuse to experiment in the kitchen!
  • Do a little sexy shopping, for yourself! Hit up the local sex toy store (Lover’s Lane, Pleasure Chest etc). Lots of places are offering great deals for valentine’s day so you might be able to get that vibe you’ve been eyeing on sale! If you don’t like to go into a store call up your local Sex Toy Party Rep (like me!) We often have products in stock and would be more than happy to help make your Valentine’s day more pleasurable!

Keep in mind that just because you’re single or alone on valentine’s day doesn’t mean it has to be sucky! Have a great time with friends or by yourself! I will most certainly be doing a few of these things on the list this year!



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