Foreplay Fridays!

There are 200,000 + searches today for Valentine’s Day (more people are searching for Valentine’s day than the Olympics! Hows that for a fact! The Olympics don’t even make the top 20! Google’s Hot Trends gives you a list of the top searches for the day!) That’s quite a lot of people out there searching for some lovin’ out there! Whether it be with a partner, a friend or yourself Valentine’s day is not the day to skip on the Foreplay!

Using toys in your foreplay (or alone of course) is an excellent way to get ready for a fun sack session.

The number of toys on the market always astounds me, the technology that they have and are developing is always progressing and changing (and getting more and more awesome!) Toys that thrust, wiggle, vibrate to the sound of your music or your partner can use their phone to control all make for some super fun sex either with your partner or alone.

So how can you incorporate toys into your foreplay you ask?? Well let me give ya some ideas!

If you’re new to toys or your partner is new to toys. I always suggest starting with a bullet. Since most women require clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm, incorporating bullets is a great starting point. They’re not intimidating because they’re small, they’re for external use (unless indicated on the packaging) and have so many options its  unbelivable.  They come in all sizes, shapes, textures, materials; they have different speeds, pulsations, some act like tongues, some gyrate, others just vibrate. Some have sleeves with nubbies or fingers other have sleeves with rings. They can also be waterpoof, wireless and rechargeable. See how the options are endless!?

Even though incorporating any toy into the bedroom can be foreplay I’m going to just focus on Bullets today, because they’re the easiest to introduce and have so much variety!

Bullets are an AWESOME way to enhance a massage.  If you have a massage glove or use a heated massager  try adding a bullet to your massage. If not try a bullet with lots of nubbies and different textures on it to create some stimulation all over the body! If you do plan on using it for clitoral stimulation be sure to use a massage lotion that can double as lubricant or be sure to wash it off before using on the genitals.

Bullets are also not just for clitoral stimulation! Have your partner use that baby all over you nipples!

If you’re having a little fun with oral, try holding a bullet to side of your cheek when you go down. For either person its going to be a welcome sensation! It just might make your teeth vibrate a little!

Of course you can have your partner use the toy for its intended use on you or maybe they can watch you use it.

Once your ready to go add a sleeve with a ring on it! Your bullet when from a clitoral stimulator to a couples toy!

Adding toys to the bedroom are a fun way to spice things up, add a little fun to your foreplay and can help enhance your orgasm!


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