Dating Disasters: Wind, Rain and The Most Expensive Taxi of My Life

Welcome to The O Guide, my first guest Blogger:  YoungOrLackThereof,  a 19 year old Brit likes to pretend she understands the ins and outs of the dating world, only to discover every time that she hasn’t got a fucking clue.  Check out her post below and her blog for some great stories about the ups and downs of dating!!

Wind, Rain and the Most Expensive Taxi of My  Life, Youngloveorlacktherof


Back in the earlier days of my dating life, I met a boy in the usual way (stumbling and inebriated in a dimly lit room with loud music). Things were going pretty well, and by that I mean he was a good kisser, I could barely hear his name over the rattling drum and bass so God knows if we had anything in common, yet I gave him my number all the same. This was my first mistake.

He texted me shortly after our little encounter and we arranged to go on a cinema date. Quick sidenote (I know NOW, but little did my naive, early-dating self know), NEVER go to the cinema on  a first date. It is essentially sitting in a dark room in silence for several hours, then coming away expecting to know whether or not you liked the person.

Well my date decided we’d go to a cinema he’d never been to before (always a good option), and ended up getting us lost between the station and the cinema. After a good 40 minute walk we found the place, but missed the movie we were supposed to see and had to settle for a much, much more average one instead (‘At World’s End’. Wasn’t a classic). After the abysmal 2 hours, we then had to make the tedious walk back to the station. Not only were there long awkward silences, but the heavens soon burst forth, absolutely drenched the two of us as we trudged along looking at the ground, making pitiful attempts at conversation (there’s only so many times you can comment on how terrible a film is).


Upon finally arriving back at the station, I discovered I had missed the last train home, as we caught a later movie and had to walk for over an hour! His train, however, was just pulling up. So, of course, with a brief apology thrown in my direction, he hurtled towards the vehicle, not looking back nor asking to see me again. Can’t say I’m particularly displeased. By the time it took me to find a taxi I was soaked through and freezing, only to learn that my taxi home would cost a good £40, money which I didn’t have on me. So the driver had to pull up at a cash machine in order for me to hand over the sum of the most expensive date I’ve ever been on (for me, that is). I can only assume the boy in question was too embarrassed about what a terrible time we had to attempt to contact me again. I’m so pleased I made the effort to come out!


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