The Perks of a Glass Toy

My company used to carry a few glass toys and when presenting them to my clients I often got looks of shock and fear. “Omg! What if it breaks! Glass?? Is that safe!?!?”

Glass toys are absolutely safe if cared for properly! They also offer some unique benefits than the traditional rubber or silicone toy!

Glass toys are dildos, however, many glass toys offer the ability to insert a bullet  in the base of the toy to turn that dildo around and into a glass vibrator!

So why a glass toy?

  • Easy to clean! Glass toys are made of Pyrex, so they wont crack, chip or break (Unless you are chuckin that baby at a concrete wall) and can easily be washed with water and toy cleaner. Hell you can even toss that baby in the dishwasher if you are so inclined!
  • They are quite pretty. Glass toys are often really gorgeous, with marbled glass, pretty designs and unique shapes and colors.
  • They provide different sensations. Glass toys come with so many different designs with ribs, ripples, bulbs, even in the shape of flowers. Like this one here! Which is excellent for vaginal stimulation and even G-spot stimulation.


  • Temperature control. Probably one of the most unique features of glass toys is the ability to change the temperature of the toy itself. Run it under some warm water to heat it up or toss it in some ice or in the freezer to chill it. Different temperatures give your body a new sensation and can increase arousal! Just be cautious as not to get it too warm or too cold.
  • Sanitary. Glass toys are nonporous so they won’t store bacteria, fungus or anything else icky that could be lurking in the material of a toy that’s been loved. They still need to be cleaned! And with a TOY CLEANER (you don’t wash your hair with laundry soap  now do you?!?)

Don’t be afraid to try a glass toy! Especially if you enjoy a toy that is a little more simple and doesn’t have the need for buttons, vibrations or extra gadgets!

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