Foreplay Fridays!

So Mother Nature is bipolar in the midwest. We went from 45 degrees yesterday to 30 today to 20 on Monday…Can you make up your mind please??! Its making me ill…literally!

With these crazy fluxuating temperatures I planned on staying in…so I wouldn’t get sick. Toooooo late, woke up with a fever and a miserable stomach ache this morning. So my plan of staying in is solidified. Lucky me!

In the wishful dreams of warmer weather today’s Foreplay Friday tip is to bring in that chilly ice out side to the bedroom. Not literally, that snow is gross! But incorporating ice into your foreplay routine is a great way to give you the shivers, not just any shivers, the good kind!

There are a TON of different ways to incorporate ice, I’ll give ya a few ideas and some cool little accessories that can keep your fingers warm and your focus on the fun!

Putting that ice in your mouth is an excellent start! Get your cheeks, tongue all chilled and make your way down for a little oral. Your chilly breath will give a new sensation!

Unlike a hot stone or oil massage, a chilled massage can be just as stimulating! rub that ice all over the place! In between the thighs, around the nipples even on your toes and fingers! It may make your hairs stand on end with some little goosebumps but it can definitely make for some fun!

If you’re not crazy about holding on to an ice cube and are worried about water well…everywhere. There are some cool little ice holders like this one here!ColdPlay_L

You fill it up with water and toss it into the freezer. Your fingers stay warm, the water stays contained as it melts and it even has some ribbed texture on there for an added bonus!



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