Stop! Don’t Fake that Orgasm!!!

My Number 1 Rule for myself: Never Fake an Orgasm. 

A study conducted in 2010 by some scientists in the UK reported that 80% of women admit to vocalizing faking an orgasm! And 60% of women actually fake it! WAIT WHAATTTT! According the the survey most women fake an orgasm to “speed things up” or because they’re bored! and 25% of men fake it too!

Now ladies (and gents) faking an orgasm serves no purpose to anyone (except maybe a false confidence boost to the partner “giving you an orgasm”).

There are tons of reasons as to why one would fake an orgasm but in the end it really doesn’t benefit you (you’re not having an orgasm) and it certainly doesn’t benefit your partner (they think what they’re doing is getting you off but its totally not!)

Here’s some tips to help you avoid faking it:

Be honest. If something your partner is doing isn’t working, say so! Switch positions, take control and do what you know works.

Focus on foreplay, sometimes you’re not able to get there because you weren’t warmed up enough (I’ve been there many a time!) Increase your foreplay time so you’re all worked up and ready to climax.

Change things up, if you’re bored in the bedroom try some new things! Add toys, bondage, try a new lube or an arousal cream!

Don’t let your day get in your head. This is the hardest thing to do. Our brain really is our biggest sex organ and the stress of life can interfer with our pleasure. Try to focus on the moment and let go of your stress.

Accept that its OK if it doesn’t happen everytime. It may not happen exactly when you want it, it may not be this gigantic O that you’re expecting. If you are enjoying yourself and you have an itty bitty one or not one at all be content with the experience!



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