Foreplay Fridays!

I’ve been fiddling with Photoshop today (trying to self-teach myself so I don’t have to go running to my sister everytime I need something! And so maybe I can add some my own images to this baby! Here’s something I made today: (it may look simple but it took me at least an hour!)


Anywhooo today’s foreplay tip is to spice things up in the Kitchen! I LOVE to cook (its just a shame my honey isn’t around because cooking for one isn’t always as fun)

Here are some foods that are considered Aphrodisiacs! Try a little all throughout the day and maybe by the time you’re home and ready to get busy you’ll be all worked up!

  • Asparagus – Try some in your eggs for breakfast!
  • Almonds- Also great to nibble on throughout the day (Almonds actually have a TON of really great health benefits!)
  • Avocado- Its got all the good fat!
  • Bananas – Maybe the banana’s shape is trying to remind you of something 😉
  • Basil- Promotes circulation and heats up the body!
  • Chocolate- What says romance better than chocolate!
  • Arugula- Adds a little spicy to your salad (and not that salad!)
  • Eggs- Eggs are known to balance your hormone levels
  • Figs – Slightly seductive!
  • Oysters- Probably one of the most famous aphrodisiacs!
  • Beer- Stout Beer specifically is sometimes considered an aphrodisiac.
  • Chili Peppers- Another one to raise your body heat and get your heart a pumpin!
  • Honey- gives you a natural sugar rush
  • Red Wine- Scientists believe red wine can get ya in the mood real quick
  • Pomogranate juice- Researchers have found that it can raise testosterone levels by up to 30%!

Got some other foods that put you in the mood? Post them in the comments!


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