Taboo Tuesdays!

Its a tricky matter that porn…its caused quite the stir lately, with young women who are students at prestigious colleges getting harassed for being porn actresses.  (The article from the student) and the enforcement of the Condom law in the nations Porn capital: California. 

The porn industry is one of the largest industries in the US, grossing billions each year.  According to this article written in 2012 (Ten Porn Industry Facts) 25-33% of porn watchers are women, and at any given  moment 30,000 people are watching porn. 

As much as we want it not to be true, porn does have an effect on sex (maybe not for everyone but it there affecting a lot of people). 

I see both benefits and downsides to watching porn.


Here are some of my pros: 

I think as a couple, watching it together, may provide you with some inspiration to spice things up! And even alone, I don’t think its terrible to watch on occassion, as long as its not interfering with your daily life watching regularly shouldn’t be an issue. It definitely can have some advantages! And if you’re in a commited trusting relationship there’s no harm in experimenting with filming yourself (commited and trusting relationship is key). 

Some of my cons: 

Porn can create some unrealistic expectations about what sex is and what you should be trying to achieve (i.e female ejaculation, size expectations etc). Its important to understand that the actors in these films are just that: actors.  Yes some of the things portrayed in porn happen, but will it happen for everyone? Unlikely. Comparing your sexual skills to that of a porn actor can certainly be bad for your confidence! 

Watching porn so often that it affects your daily life can be a problem. According to some research it can cause sexual dysfunction and problems in a relationshp. You should try to be aware of how your partner feels about watching porn and what that can do to affect your relationship. 

The best thing you can do is to talk to your partner, get their opinions! Communication about it can only be beneficial! 

Whether you watch porn, don’t admit to watching it or don’t watch at all. Its there and it affects people in good and bad ways. Just be aware, communicate and don’t hold yourself to the standards of porn stars! 


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