Get your Kink on!

I am a HUGE advocate of introducing new things to the bedroom and to your sex life in general. Being a little kinky can totally be fun too.

Now the definitition of Kinky is unusual or devient sexual practices (ie bdsm, fetishes etc) BUT I think you can completely redefine Kinky for yourself and your relationship! What is out of the norm for you and your relationship can be your own form of kink!

So try something you read in a magazine. Be daring!

Did you know that one time I showed up to a boyfriend’s apartment wearing nothing but a trenchcoat and knee-high boots? Something SO out of my comfort-zone at the time, that I would definitely considered that a little kinky. Especially since I was trouncing through the city in a whole lot of nothing.

Get a book on sex positions and try something you would never think to try. Have sex in your kitchen…in the back seat of your car. Do something that is outside of your norm and have fun!


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