Foreplay Fridays!

Foreplay is all about making an intimate connection with your partner, getting ready for having sex and is also a great way to have some fun.  As I’ve said over and over again, the mind is truly the largest sexual organ in the body.  Sometimes communicating with a partner is hard, especially when you want to express your desires for the bedroom; not everyone is comfortable talking about what they like and what they don’t (heck even I get nervous sometimes!) Sometimes the easiest way to communicate is with a game! Who doesn’t love games!?


I once found an adorable little book that had all these great get to know you questions for my boyfriend at the time to answer together (he fought me tooth and nail to fill it out but I thought it was fun!) The questions were corny and silly but it was still fun to answer them together. So who says you can’t do that for the bedroom as a little forplay?! Sex it up a little! Here’s some great sample questions, grab a pen and paper and answer them together…or get creative and get some body paint and answer them on each other…. 😉 😉

  1. Tell me a few instances where you think we’ve had AMAZING sex.
  2. What would you think if you caught me watching porn? Would it turn you on?
  3. Of all the things you do to me sexually, what do you think turns me on the most? Explain in detail.
  4. Whats the most erotic thing you think we can do together?
  5. Tell me a sexual fantasy you’ve never told me about before?
  6. Have you ever wanted to buy a sex toy? If so what type?
  7. What’s a move you always wanted to try?
  8. Where is the place on your body that when I touch it you get turned on?
  9. Where is your favorite place to have sex?
  10. What activity do I do that every time it turns you on? ie. doing the dishes, putting makeup on, mowing the lawn etc.

By the time you’ve answered all your questions, you’ll be itchin to get naked and try out some of your new found info!

Got some other great questions? Post them in the comments!


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