Foreplay Fridays !

Foreplay Fridays will not include STD related items today! Mostly because I want to keep Fridays FUN! Woo fun! Because whats more fun than foreplay!?

I’ve got some more fun things in the works (adding more graphics to my blog, changing over to a .com, toy reviews and sex positions!) Got some suggestions of what you’d like to see on my blog? I’m always open to ideas!

Today’s Foreplay Friday is just for the ladies! And it includes a little sexual health and is something you can do all throughout the day if you’d like! 

I’m sure many of you have heard of Ben Wa Balls, you’ve seen them or used them. They’re great for vaginal health as they help you to strengthen your PC muscles. Traditionally Ben Wa balls are little silver weighted balls that can come in a variety of sizes…

BenWa1 BenWa2

With the Ben Wa balls, you hold one in at a time until its comfortable and easily held in. For some its right away, others it may be more difficult and can take a few days to do so. Once its easy for one, add the other! Try walking around, doing the dishes or regular daily activities. This helps strengthen those muscles. Good strong PC muscles can help you to have better orgasms!

Now the Ben Wa balls, obviously you need to be able to easily take them in or out and the possibility of them falling  out is there.  Usually best for if your at home. But if you want something that you can do all throughout the day without risk of falling out, there are other options (and for many are prefered because they “rattle” which definitely is inticing!)

Some refer to them as Vaginal Exercisors, others Love Beads. They too come in a variety of sizes but unlike the Ben Wa Balls, they are connected and some are interchangable with different weights/sizes.

ExcerciseHerElite_L ExerciseHer_L ExerciseHerPro_LPersonalTrainer

So how are these foreplay? Like I said, they rattle. There is small weighted ball inside the larger one. These shake and stimulate the muscles which is both pleasurable and good for you! With the multi-ball types you can start with one ball and slowly add one throughout the day if you’d like. or you can insert both and have those babies shake around.

Try this! Insert them after lunch and by the time you’re home, you’ll be rearing to go! Be sure to use lubricants along with these and clean them well with a toy cleaner, before and after use.



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