Food in the bedroom

I read two, yes two articles/posts yesterday about food as sex toys or using food in the bedroom. Apparently its the new trend to get it on with a pizza or a hotpocket…um. yeah. no.

One blog post from Kitty of is about Edible body paint! Body paint or chocolate paint are fun ways to incorporate a little art in the bedroom. They’re safe to use on your body and typically easy to clean up (the ones she reviews, she mentions that some were a little harder to get out than others form sheets and clothing).

One thing to note, if you are using a body paint or something of the like. Check to make sure that it does not have sugar. Sugar and Vaginas do not go hand in hand.

I repeat. YOUR VAGINA DOES NOT LIKE SUGAR.  Its just asking for a yeast infection.

Have fun with body paints and the like but just keep them away from genitals.

Now the other article I found was from XO Jane. It makes fun of food as sex toys. Its definitely a good laugh, but as with the body paints you need to be sure to keep that stuff away!

Using food in the bedroom is all good and fun, but its generally a better idea to keep it all above the waist. And men should definitely not be shoving their penis in apple pies, pizzas or hotpockets… It makes for a funny joke but if you like the heat, there are warming lubricants that taste just like apple pies and I’m sure you can find ones that taste like pizza (I have not done my research on these but I’m sure I’ve seen a bacon flavored lubricant).

If you’re eager for food as foreplay use these tips:

  • Keep all food above the waist so as to avoid infection and upsetting the delicate PH Balance of your vagina.
  • If you can avoid sugar its best.
  • Use sheets/clothing you don’t mind staining
  • Instead of food try ice cubes or flavored warming lubricants
  • Have fun but be safe!

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