Foreplay Fridays!

So Yesterday I posted about my struggles with weight and eating disorders but how I came out on top by testing for Playboy! Initially I was going to include a whole bunch of fun stuff in regards to lingerie because I really do looooove lingerie! But I decided to save that for today!

Lingerie is a FANTASTIC way get yourself feeling sexy and totally in the mood. If I know I’m going to see my boyfriend I am sure to toss on some of my favorite pieces because it not only makes me feel great and sexy but it also is super appealing to know that my boyfriend enjoys it just as much!

So here are some of my tips for shopping for lingerie!

  • Know your real size! I’d suggest measuring yourself  in addition to having an experienced bra fitting at a reputable store (they do bra fittings at Victoria’s Secret, but I’d suggest someplace else, I’ve never been fitted correctly at VS). Nordstroms, Intimacy, La Perla all do bra fittings. You can also search for smaller boutiques in your area that offer fittings as well. OR refer to this guide: Bra Fitting
  • Knowing your bra size is so important. And don’t let a sales person convince you that you are something else because they don’t carry what you’re looking for! I’m a 32DD or a 34D and everytime I go into a store (particularly VS) they ALWAYS try to convince me I’m a 34C. Everytime I put a 34C on I’m bulging all over the place! Knowing your size, and standing firm on it is important. You won’t feel confident or sexy if you know it doesn’t fit!


  • Don’t be afraid to go up a size! I know I have to buy up a size (especially if its a lingerie piece that comes in a SM/M/L.) Or I avoid the lingerie that has underwire when it doesn’t come in a size that would work for me.
  • Know your panty size too! The same applies to panties! I HATE it when I buy a pair of underwear and they are too tight and I have a little bulge around the waste band. I tend to buy lace panties or no-seam panties because they don’t fit as snuggly as others do. I also like panties that have a lace waistband or are boyshorts! I love ones like these below because they’re never too tight!
  • Have fun with lingerie! I have two favorite types: I love the flowy baby dolls because I can sleep in those (if they stay on long enough) and I love corsets because its more challenging to get off! Some pieces, like fishnet bodysuits, are super fun because they’re usually not more than $20 and you can literally rip them off!
  • Don’t worry about any pudge or rolls (we all have it!) Your partner isn’t even going to notice! They’ll be paying attention to the hot little number you’ve got on!
  • Shop around and TRY THINGS ON! Every brand is different, even different styles fit differently! Some stores I fit in one size and others I fit in another. Don’t just assume sizes are universal.

Lingerie is super fun to wear and can make you feel super sexy, its great foreplay for yourself but also for your partner!

Plus Size Lingerie Boutique


2 thoughts on “Foreplay Fridays!

  1. I agree, boutique bra shops are the best fitters by far. Don’t be afraid of the price tags, because once you find your correct size/brand, then you can find them online at specialty shops. And there’s nothing better for your confidence then a correctly fitting bra. Completely changes your shape.

    • Oh definitely! I have bras in all different sizes because they all fit differently from different brands! I know which bras are my favorite because they’re falling apart because they fit so great!

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