Do You Lube?

Are you a regular lube user? Yes? Yay! No? uh oh…you should be!

Lubricant should be an important part of your sex routine. It should always be included!

file0001122305036Angela! But I don’t need lube! I’m wet as Niagra Falls! Whether you are as dry as a desert or wetter than Niagra Falls you should always use a lubricant. (of course there are those times where you’re in a pinch and don’t have any handy, but if you have it readily available you should be using it!)

Why you ask?? 

According to a study done by Indiana University inconjunction with the Kinsie Institute. 100% of women surveyed reported having 85% more satisfing sex when they used a lubricant.  In the most lamest terms…all the women who used lube said sex was better. If thats not reason enough alone to be stockin up on your favorite lubricant I don’t know what else could convince you!file000976319387

Lubricant can also provide some health benefits as well (depending on the lube you’re using) There are some really great water-based, Ph Balanced lubricants that keep everything in balance with your body. Keeping the balance in your reproductive system is important for preventing yeast infections.  If you’re already prone to yeast infections, getting a good Ph Balanced lubricant is important.

You moisturize your skin right? You condition your hair? Those moisturizing treatments to your skin, face, hair or body are important to keeping a youthful appearance! But your vagina needs some lovin too (and not just the sexy kind). Using a good water-based lubricant can be great for the tissues of the vaginal walls, keeping them moisturized, plump and volumptious. As you age, your tissues shrink and loose their luster and vibrancy. Using lube regularly can help to slow down that process and keep the tissues healthy!

Lubricant can also prevent small tears and rips that can potentially occur during sex. You know how your lips are less likely to crack and bleed if you use chapstick? Same kinda thing.

Regardless if you tend to be dry or not you should be using lube…but here are some big signs that you need it for sure!

  • Your partner licks their hand before play….uh yeah. If this is happening, that means you need lube.
  • You have some vaginal pain.
  • Your partner is well endowed
  • You’ve been drinking
  • You’re prone to yeast infections
  • You want even better sex than you already have!

I mentioned the water-based lubricant quite a few times. These types of lubes are great for daily use (especially if they are not flavored or scented). If you need something with a little staying power or for some other activities (ie water play, anal, extra long sack session) try a silicone based lubricant, as they don’t get absorbed into the skin as a waterbased lubricant does.

Try different kinds! Check out whats beyond the supermarket condom section. Stop into a toy shop or call up a toy party rep in your area they can certainly point you in the right direction of a great lubricant.  Ask for samples too! That way you can try before you buy!



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