Is Spring finally here?

Its quite possible that spring is on its way to Chicago. We FINALLY have had a day with normal March Temperatures (i.e above 40) It was nearly 60 today!

I feel like spring is that time of year where everyone is just in a perpetual great mood. The sun is shining, people are out an about enjoying the weather.  We aren’t so bundled up with 80 different layers so skin is starting to show. People are even more motivated to get some exercise and get out of the house. I’m convinced that spring attracts…well attractive people. What’s more attractive than people enjoying themselves! In the winter everyone is pretty miserable suffering through the blistering cold temps, but in spring there is this joy and lightness!

When you’re in a great mood it tends to translate into all different parts of your life…including your sex life! When you’re in a better mood, your sex life can be more enjoyable! I always feel that when I’m in a great mood the sex is always better because I’m already happy before hand and its like icing on the cake after! Now if only I could take advantage of this amazing weather and enjoy it with my man! But alas I must wait another month and 8 days (oh you better believe I’m counting down the days!)

So my Monday advice for today is to go out there and enjoy this beautiful weather and have some great sex while your at it! Set the mood for the whole week to be a happy one!


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