Taboo Tuesdays

I grew up in a very artistic house. We were always making things, sewing, drawing, dance and theater etc. I have more colored pencils than any adult woman should have. By the time I went to college I knew that a career that is creative would be the best for me (my baby sister too who fabulously designed my logo and theme…you can view her work here: Heather Hannay) I got my first bachelors degree in Theater and was working as a freelance makeup artist while I was in school; designing shows, interning for theater wig departments and working in fashion. My makeup artistry landed me some modeling gigs, which in turn got me into nude modeling [Confidence is Sexy Rock the Body You Have!].

Clearly I’m no stranger to controversial art, whether it be a play with a taboo topic or working as a nude model or applying makeup for weird and unique photoshoots. I’m a full supporter of it! Of course there are some art pieces or shows that are just not for me (like the woman who was knitting out of her vagina…cool she has the confidence to do so but just not for me). Art is in the eye of the beholder, just as we often say beauty is.  But there is one thing that irks me, and thats censorship. Especially on sites like Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve seen photos get taken down (who are taken by professional photographers for really awesome causes) that contain absolutely no nudity, break no rules on either Facebook or Instagram. Yet I will see photos on both Instagram and Facebook that contain explicit content, that when I flag them (not because they make me uncomfortable but because when I see photos that dont break the rules get flagged and removed, it pisses me off when these are up!) they don’t get taken down because they don’t break the rules. I’m pretty sure a penis does not meet the Facebook/Instagram community standards.  It irks me like crazy to see my photographer friend’s photos taken down for no apparent reason that break no rules. And see other photos just blatently breaking the rules get overlooked by the censors.

But here is one thing that I’ve noticed…those photos that get to stay up, even though they break the rules? Half the time they are from companies…who pay for advertising on Facebook. (Instagram is its own beast as I’ve only just recently seen advertising and have no clue how they control certain hashtags…clearly they don’t as some are literally all penis pictures)

So why the double standard Facebook? Why allow some photos which clearly break the rules? Because they pay you so they’re allowed to break the rules? Yet photos that don’t break any rules and are actually a part of a really positive movement are taken down?

Have you ever gotten a photo taken down that didn’t break the rules? Or have you flagged a super inappropriate photo for facebook and it got to stay up??


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