Even I love Free Stuff!!!

I scored two free books this last week! (One that I will be reviewing as a part of a book tour) and another just because Ticklekitty.com is awesome and gave away free 100,000 free books!

I haven’t had a chance to look through my super awesome book Toygasms, by Dr. Sadie Alison, but be sure to know that when I get free stuff…that means new and fun info for me to blog about! And once I enhance my skills of photoshop and am able to create some sexy sex positions for you all, I’ll be sharing those with you too!

So a little about Toygasms! Its a book about using toys, the different types, different positions or manuevers you can use to enhance your pleasure and incorporating them into your bedroom with a partner. Everything from vibrators to dildos to anal toys its got a little bit of everything! Once I’ve had a good read through I’ll be sharing some of what I think are the best tips from the book!


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