Foreplay Fridays!

Its that time of week again! TGIFF! (thank goodness its Foreplay Fridays!) Every Friday I come to out of the month of April I will be getting more and more enthusiastic, because it just means I am one week closer to being in Argentina!

I get a lot of women who ask about how they can spice things up in the bedroom. They’re bored or their husband is bored or they just don’t get turned on like they used to. Foreplay is a big tool to help getting you in the mood and making sex fun! Foreplay can include so many different things (as you have found out from reading my blog!). But one of the things I recommend to my customers is to purchase a blindfold.


Its such a simple thing to add to your routine but can make such a dramatic difference in the way you explore your partner or they explore you. Eliminating one of your senses heightens all your other senses! Your sense of touch, smell and taste all are heightened and can create an even more exciting and sensual experience in the bedroom. The mystery of not knowing where your partner will be next, what they will do or where they will touch adds to the experience and can be just as arousing as the touch itself! And if you’re not the one blindfolded, having that control over that mystery can be just as fun! It can be exciting to watch your partner react to your touch!

Blindfolds come in many different styles, from sashes (which can also be used as restraints if you’re in to bondage) or just the normal style you get in the bath and beauty section. My personal favorite is a molded style which contours to your nose and allows for you to blink!

Experiment with feathers and different textured items to play and tease your partner while blindfolded. Use flavored lubricants or body powders/sprays and use your tongue to explore!

Most of all HAVE FUN! Sex should be fun, silly and enjoyable!


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