Taboo Tuesdays!

The After-Sex Selfie.

Aparently its quite the trend right now! And how can you have a sex blog and not at least have an opinion about the latest sex trend…

Now as I’m truly a sex positive person and have no issues with nudity (obviously with my previous post here about body image and my quest to get into Playboy) but I somewhat question the #aftersex selfie. I guess I don’t really get the point of it?  I can see the reasons behind it; you want to share that you have a healthy sex life, they you look great after a romp in the sack or you want to revel in your relationship… Now of course to each their own but for me personally, taking a selfie (which I’m quite terrible at when I’m wearing clothes anyways) of myself after some great sex would just equal me looking disheveled, sweaty and with mascara running down my face…plus I’d rather spend my time snuggled up to my man and reveling in the time we have together than taking a photo and posting it to instagram. Plus my brain is probably too relaxed to care and I probably have to pee anyways…

My only real issue with the #aftersex selfie is the censorship problems that I know professional photographers and artists have come across (Read my rant about that here). And of course not all the #aftersex selfies are showing nudity but neither are the posts of some of the photos that I’ve seen get flagged or taken down… but if the ones that do feature nudity get to stay up where is the line? How do they determine what gets to stay up and what doesnt?


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