Weird Q&A time!

Sometimes I get writers block. Especially since I’ve been so focused on work and school and my upcoming trip. My brain is like…you want to write about sex when its been quite sometime?! HA that aint gonna happen!

However, I was inspired the other day by someone on Facebook. He asked a somewhat odd questions about tampons and showers…Now for a woman we’re kinda like…well DUH! But it got me thinking…there are a lot of odd questions that guys sometimes ask that women just inherently know…(or maybe they don’t know and are just too afraid to ask)


So readers…For todays post…I’d love for you to send me a message or post a comment below with your most odd body/sex/relationship question you can think of or that you’re most embarrased to ask! (if you want to remain annoymous just send a message)

I’ll post the answers to the questions as soon as I receive a few!


And to the gentleman who asked whether or not women can keep a tampon in while in the shower. You sure can, but most don’t because its clean up time and you want to feel nice a fresh after a shower!

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