Have the Sex You Want!

If you really want to have a satisfying sex life and really enjoy sex fully there are lots of things that can contribute to that. Like I’ve talked about before, foreplay is important and your mind is really the largest sex organ in your body (even though the clitoris could really be the best for some of us!).

To me though there are a few things that sometimes we overlook that can seriously benefit our sex lives. (and reading some of my new books- including the one I’ll be reviewing towards the end of the month thanks the Cleis Publishing, have really reaffirmed my beliefs in these few little changes you can make)

  1. Schedule sex or at least make time for it. It seems soooo unromantic and so not-spontaneous. But if you don’t make time for sex, spontaneous sex won’t happen like you hope for.  Plan a date night each week, and prepare for it as if you’re going to get laid! Throw on your sexiest lingerie, send sexy texts to your partner all throughout the day to gear up for the night. If you make time for it each week, you’ll look forward to it more and more and spontaneous sex may happen more often!
  2. Eliminate your shame or guilt for wanting it, for having it and for needing it! A lot of women and men, feel guilty for wanting to have sex or feel ashamed of what turns them on. WANTING SEX IS OK. HAVING SEX IS OK. NEEDING SEX IS OK.  Once you’ve stopped feeling bad for wanting sex or having it, you will enjoy it so much more! Sex is fun and silly and should be a POSITIVE thing in your life! It makes you feel great, has great health benefits and can certainly boost your mood!
  3. Get to know yourself! Know what turns you on! Yes, that means masturbate. Figure it out for yourself first so you can tell your partner! How the hell are they supposed to know if you don’t tell them! We’re not mind readers, usually words are a good start…or pictures.

If you can do those three things, you’ll be able to explore so much more of your sexuality and start having an even better sex life than you already have!



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