Foreplay Fridays

I am the most un-flexible person there is. Even as a kid I couldn’t touch my toes (well part of that was because I have long legs…and even though my arms are long too, well my legs are just longer). I don’t think in my 28 years of existance I’ve ever been able to do the splits…like ever.

Not having too much flexibility can make some sex positions pretty tricky for me. I can’t be lifting my legs over my head or getting all twisty and pretzel-ly. I’m also pretty lazy and I hate to work out. Like really hate it, even if I pay for it I need someone yelling in my face telling me exactly what to do. The only time I was truly successful in working out was when I had a personal trainer…but then I ran out of money. I really like Pilates and Bikram yoga though, but again I’m too lazy and being in a 100 degree room for 90 minutes is a long time! Plus I don’t have that extra 90 minutes to really spare. Its a good excuse I promise!! But because I want to amp up my bod and try to increase my flexibility, plus I currently have bronchitis…again, I’m going to be hopping on the Hot Yoga train the next week. (woo for a free week of yoga!)

So what does yoga have to do with foreplay?! Well besides getting your blood pumping (particularly with hot yoga) it can provide a lot of great sexual health benefits!

  • Increase blood flow throughout your body! More blood flow to your tingly parts is always a good thing!
  • Increased flexibility. That super nifty position you’ve always wanted to try but cramp up everytime you even get a quarter of the way into the position? Possible!
  • Increased stanima and better breath control. Especially if you’re doing hot yoga, you’re able to control your breath and being in that hot room for such a long period of time, it gets easier each time.
  • Better focus. You know how I’m always talking about how your brain is the biggest sex organ! Yoga allows you to meditate and focus on your body. Which will help later on when you need to focus on the orgasm and less on the crap you have to do tomorrow.

So give yoga a try! It can definitely help you be aware of your body.

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