Why we use sex toys!

I am constantly trying to find new and interesting topics to write about and one of these days I will actually try to write a whole ton of posts ahead of time (maybe while I’m in Buenos Aires as I’ll have plenty of time to myself and I’m planning on bringing a book or two and my laptop) and work on some visual posts with positions and other NSFW posts that I can’t do at work obviously…

But I absolutely love it when I come across questions from people about sex topics (specifically when men ask them). I came across a gentleman asking about why women use sex toys and why not the real thing. In a pretty public forum he recieved hundreds of answers about why women will use them.

Every woman’s reasoning behind using a sex toy varies. Some do it for health reasons (it can be beneficial to helping increase your frequency of orgasms and some toys can even strengthen your kegels!

Others don’t have “the real thing” available to them. Others like to use them with a partner.  Not all women use toys, I (even though I sell them) am not a big toy user, if I do its typically with a partner because for me that makes sex even more fun than it already is.  Some women like to use toys because its fast and is a way to explore your own body.


So what reason’s do you use sex toys? Anything different from the list above?

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