The Importance of Touch

Touch is incredibly important. Although I’m not a mom, I know that touching your child, holding your child as a baby is important for creating a bond whether it be the mother or the father, holding a baby can create a psychological bond between child and parent.  Its reassuring, shows care, love and protection. The right kind of touching establishes important relationships and emotions. Bad touching (abuse, aggressive touching or violence) can lead to emotional and psychological problems in life.

As adults, we sometimes forget how important the simplicity of touching really can be. We’ve also become a no-touching society, not touching strangers and barely touching friends and family. According to one study, touching can emote 8 different emotions including Anger, fear, disgust, love, gratitude, sympathy, happiness and sadness, with a 78% accuracy. (discussed here) Touching, even as an adult, can create those same bonding feelings as when we were children. It can strengthen our relationships with our families, our children, our partners, our friends and even our coworkers. Another study shows that if you are the one initiating the touch, you can reap the same benefits as if you’re the one receiving the touch!

Think of the stages of a romatic relationship. Or a sexual encounter…you don’t necessarily walk up to your partner and just start kissing them. You generally use your hands first! Maybe you grab their face, you touch their neck, you hold their hand. Touch is always the first step to increasing intimacy between two people.  In the beginning stages of a relationship; perhaps before sexual intimacy, you may hug the person, hold hands, cuddle, all before you move to the next step of a relationship. When you first meet someone you’re interested in, and your flirting, what is typically a suggestion to make the other person more attracted to you? Touch their arm, or their leg  in a subtle non-aggressive way. Touch leads to powerful emotions both non-sexually and sexually. And we’re wired to understand it.

Think of how your relationship is with your partner. Do you hold hands? Do you touch often? They say that couples who touch more (whether it be sexually or non-sexually) have a stronger bond, a longer lasting bond and are more satisfied in their relationship!



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