Foreplay Fridays!

Following the theme of yesterday’s Touch Post today’s Foreplay Friday Post will be all about sensual touch! I’ve talked about massage and how great it can be to receive a massage but also to give a massage. Some people are hesitant about giving massages because they feel like they aren’t good at it or maybe their partner didn’t enjoy it as much. But if you take away the aspect of a massage as something to relax sore muscles and reduce stress and focus on the touch that you are having with your partner it can be a completely different experience.


Change your massage experience and focus on the touch, not the intensity or strength of your massage.  Here’s what I mean:

Select a great massage oil or lotion and apply generously, taking the time to rub it in to your partners back, legs, arms and neck. As the masseuse, focus on how your fingers feel on your partner’s skin and how their skin warms to your touch. An edible body lotion may be a great idea as well as it will alow you to use your tongue to explore as well.

Using gentle pressure move your hands all around your partner’s body, explore along their spine, their lower back, up and down their arms and legs. Dont forget this is an erotic massage! Be sure to focus on other more seductive body parts like breasts, testicles, inner thighs, clitoris etc.

Set the mood! Candles, music, insense. Also have your oil and lubricant ready to go!

Take your time! Don’t do a quick rub down and expect for it to be your turn! Take your time and enjoy the pleasure that your partner is getting! Your turn will come!

Relax, have fun and enjoy the closeness you’ll feel with your partner!

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