Did you know? Sex Facts!

I’m off my game this week on posting! Sorry friends! I promise to do better next week (but be prepared! I only have two weeks until I’m in Argentina! Then I’ll be putting all my own tips and tricks to use!)

So for my love of history and my love of the history of sex here’s a little tidbit of info for you!

Did you know?

That the term Missionary position is believed to have derived from Christian missionaries in the South Pacific or Africa? According to the missionaries, this was the “proper” sexual position because of their interpretation of the story of Genesis, in which man is said to have superior position to women during all things, including sex. (Locker, 2005)

Good thing we’ve come a long ways from that mindset! There is no “proper” position and no person is superior sexually than another in a relationship. If missionary works to get you where you need to be thats great! If your a girl who likes to be on top thats great too! Remember to always do what works for you and your partner!


So what’s your favorite position???

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