Sex on the Brain

So how many times a day do you think about sex? Once? Twice? Twice and hour? We’ve always operated under the assumption that men think about sex more than women do. But in reality there is absolutely no real evidence that supports it. Men tend to be more open about how often they think about sex than women do but women often times think about sex just as much and sometimes even more so!

This official (unofficial) study conducted by some psychologists and researchers surveyed some college students and asked them to keep track of how many times a day they think about food, sex and sleep. Suprisingly enough, most men and women think about the three pretty equally. There were women who thought about sex a little more than men, but overall men reported thinking about sex more frequently. The age group was up to age 25.

Funny thing is they brought up how many women were most likely not very honest about how much they really do think about sex. Its that whole sex is dirty thing. We still have this outrageous idea that sex is dirty…which causes many women to feel ashamed that they want sex, think about sex or have sex.

One of these days when I’m not literally jones for some action (Only 43 hours until my five month drout is over!!) I’ll take a day and keep track of many times I think about sex…should be interesting to find out!


Until next time (which I will be posting from Buenos Aires!)




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