Hola from Buenos Aires! Taboo Tuesdays!

Hey All! Thanks for patiently waiting for me to update and post! Its been a whirlwind couple of weeks as I prepped for my trip and traveled down to Buenos Aires! But I landed on Friday morning and am having a great time! Making up for 5 months of being separated as well! 😉 😉

But I didn’t want to leave my loyal readers without a Taboo Tuesday post again! So I hijacked my boyfriend’s spare computer, since when we tried to plug mine in it blew a fuse and we were without power until for a day…that is until we got ourselves locked in the garage and happened upon the main fuse box. So now with our power restored and a stormy day under our belt we will return to our regularly scheduled programming!!

Today’s Taboo Topic is BDSM! Not so much taboo anymore after the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey series but can still be highly controversial and often looked down upon by those who are not so sex positive. But BDSM can be fun to incorporate into your regular sex life and can definitely enhance a sexual experience if you’re open to the ideas! I always recommend it to my customers, not always a full fledged BDSM lifestyle, but incorporating some aspects can certainly make things more fun and arousing!

So what exactly is BDSM? Well it stands for Bondage, Dominance, Sadomasochism.  BDSM incorporates bondage, an exchange of power, pain and pleasure. Many times when people think of BDSM they think of the pain and the dominance between the couples; there is a dominant and a submissive in some relationships and people often jump to that idea of BDSM as it is often the most publicized.

The most important aspect of BDSM though, is that it is safe and consensual.

BDSM can include so many different things from blindfolding, spanking, to restraints,to verbal humiliation. But there are always safe words and communication between the individuals participating so that no one gets seriously hurt. It is important that if you are intending to incorporate aspects of BDSM into your relationship to communicate well and set up those safe words and to really educate yourself and find out what exactly you and your partner would like to incorporate. Having good communication will allow for you and your partner to understand the wants and needs of each other and to be able to explore them in a safe, consensual way. If you want to explore more BDSM activities that have a greater risk of injury, you want to be sure you know how to practice them safely and properly so as not to hurt yourself or your partner.

If the big activities are too much…well incorporate some handcuffs or a blindfold! Simple little things like that can be a big part of BDSM and can heighten your senses creating a new sexual experience! \


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