Do you know your Erogenous Zones?

You know when your partner kisses you just below your ear on your neck and you instantly get the shivers and your hairs stand on end?! Its a pretty great feeling! There are tons of spots all over the body that give you those instant tingles and make you itching for more! Do you know where yours are???

So what are Erogenous Zones?

Well the word derives from Greek Eros which is Love and -genes which is born. By definition Erogenous Zones are areas on the body that have increased sensitivity and can produce feelings of arousal and even orgasm!

Everyone has those places they love to be touched, and everyone is a little different. Some like their neck caressed while others love it when their feet are massaged. It really depends on what feels great to you! But some typical Erogenous Zones include: earlobes, neck, breasts, nipples, wrists, hands, stomach, inner thighs, anus, small of the back, behind the knees, toes and feet.

Discover your own Erogenous Zones and your partners! Together of course! 

Finding your partners erogenous zones is a great thing to start your night out. Gently kissing and caressing those sweet spots and other spots on the body to get that tingling reaction. You’ll soon discover which spots make your partner go wild! Be sure to observe when those little goosebumps pop up and the hairs stand on end because then you’ll know when you’ve hit the mark! And as always have fun doing it…because what is sex if it isn’t fun!


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